Online Store Design

Why an attractive and user friendly E-commerce site is needed to increase the business growth is simple, today’s consumers are exposed to numerous sites within a short span of time. Time spent one site is barely few minutes; in order to retain them with the site more than few minutes is the key for success of E-Commerce in the competitive scenario. To construct an ideal, distinctive and appealing design with user friendly approach is a basic to retain the consumers.

Effective content is considered as one of the key component for the successful Online Store. However, first sight attraction can be created only by eye catchy visuals and the convenience in navigation of the store. Design of an Online Store has few pertinent factors like the call to action button, image caption techniques; unique design for a shopping cart gallery and apart from all these concepts, consumers expects an innovative, elegant and neat array of products with clear price tags.

To create an attractive design to your online store, the four pillars of design need to be carefully accommodated.Four pillars of successful design include the simplicity, minimalism, reductionism and Holism. Accommodation of too many options with more confusing visuals can eliminate the interest of the user therefore simplicity is essential. Prioritization of the requirements of the product and target market is inevitable to minimize unwanted contents in the store. Reducing the frequently used concepts and display terms can increase the visibility of the site. Holism, it tracks the relevance of each and every content, textbox in the site. Importance of an attractive store design cannot be simply ignored, since the consumers are the dictators of the industry.