Shoppint Cart

Shopping is the most wonderful experience and eveyone like to shop for their favorite items and like to own it irrespective of their cost. When you enter into a shopping mall, you may have a tremendous liking for different kind of items. But, it is not possible practically to carry all of them home. Hence, it leads to abandonment of certain items before the payment is made. There will be a different story if it comes to shopping on the Internet. According to the analytical study, it has been found that many millions of amount has been lost annually because of this shopping cart abandonment.

What are the Idle Ways to prevent this shopping cart abandonment?

The convenience and also the efficiency brought by eCommerce ultimately means that it is not at all easy for a customer to go for the shopping cart abandonment.

Free Shipping/Delivery

Free delivery is always considered as the best option compared to any other form. Free shipping is liked by the online shoppers, owing to its varied benefits and advantages. By offering this facility, connecting with the customers can go on for a longer run.

On the other hand, you can also look into providing a Loyalty Program.

If you feel that none of the above is possible, then you should try to make the customers aware of the shipping cost at the earliest. The common area of focus of the people is to give-up the checkout process, no matter whatever be the shipping cost. If free shipping is not an alternative, then the company can provide flat rate on certain items.

Remove any Hidden Charges

Don’t include any hidden charges as it may prevent someone from buying your eCommerce website. As per the study, more than 50% of customers abandon the shopping cart when they come across unexpected charges, especially in the later stages. Hidden charges are likely to irritate the customers if they find it at the time of delivery/shipping.

Shoppers will be furiated if they come face to face with the charges they never agreed to and that too after entering all the relevant billing information. So, it is always advisable to remove all the hidden charges.

An accessible shopping cart is very much necessary for the benefit of the shoppers.

Creating a standalone page for the shopping cart may be the easiest method. But, it cannot be regarded as A customer will be very jubilant and interested if they can access their shopping cart in a faster way.the best one.

It will be nice to have a viewable cart in your site’s top corner, whichever page the customer is on. It should be borne in mind that, editing the shopping cart editing should be effortless and it should not be complicated.

Checkout Process should be Minimized

Customers will always prefer task which are not time-consuming. They like to order an item without filling in the lengthy form. Normally customers get irritated when they come across the lengthy form filling process once they begin the checkout process. Hence, the process should be crisp and short so that customers can feel at ease. Getting more number of customers is possible when the form filling process is short.

Wide Payment Options

Customers may use different kind of payment options. Services apart from Visa or Master card should always be thought of. Pay-pal is considered as the most easy form of payment, owing to its attribute of feasibility. More than 90% of the people would already have an account and this also reduces the shopping cart abandonment.

Fruitful Re-marketing

Browsing has become a habit with customers. Customers can go for window shopping as well as online shopping based on their liking. Full of advantages and varied features, Online shopping is always considered superior over window shopping. Unless the customers have a real urge or an instinct to buy, it will be really impossible to convince them to purchase the product.

If there is a lead generation with an email address or any other form of contact, it is advisable to forward a personalized email requesting them the reason for the shopping cart abandonment. If the reason they provide is valid, then a special deal can be offered to the customers and we can capture the customers who have distanced away from us.