Features of Online Store on Sell365

Features of Online Store on Sell365

Once you have decided to climb up the ladder of business, then Sell365 is the apt place.

Take a Free Trial Plan today in Sell365.com. Become a Global brand in minutes. Welcome to eCommerce .

Choose your favourite theme & customize it

No need to wait or look around. Just go to our inspiring template gallery & pick your favourite theme FREE OF COST. Customize it as many times as you wish.

Add products, images & other particulars

You can add pleasing images, banners, slogans, product details and other particulars to enrich your dream store.

Promote it & start selling right away

Use the social marketing tools and spread your marketing wings as far as you can stretch across the globe. Sell as far as internet can reach.

Deliver goods & collect your payments

Sell365 has ready built-in Shipment system to help you deliver your products to your customers. The integrated payment gateway system enables you hassle­-free payment collection.

All the templates which we provide are mobile responsive . We make your website an user friendly one.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a web site or a web page in search engines using natural search results.

In sell365, you can easily create SEO friendly stores. We provide you all the necessary options for integral SEO, which will give you the best optimized store.

We follow all the guidelines of search engines. This aids in the proper index of your store.

We have given title,description and keywords columns where you can add them respectively. This will be automatically reflects in your store.

We have also given Google Analytics code, robots, and XML site-map as inbuilt feature.

Google Analytics Code : In sell365 stores, we have provided you the space for Google analytics code. The space for Google analytics is given in Google Integration tab. You can add your UA code in the given space to reflect in each and every page and generate detailed statistics of your website traffic.

Robots : The robots.txt (Robot Exclusion Standard) is a special text file that is placed in the root folder of a website (for example: www.example.com/robots.txt). It is used by Web masters in order to give instructions about their websites to web spiders and crawlers. This file contains information about which pages should not be crawled by the web robots, what the maximum requested crawl rate should be, where the XML site-map is located etc. One of the common uses of robots.txt is to prevent search engines from crawling a particular page or folder.

In our store we have a default robots settings. You can easily show or hide page from search engines. Some of the default links we have on robots is mentioned below:
User-agent: *
Disallow: /admin
Disallow: /cart
Disallow: /orders
Disallow: /checkout
Disallow: /protected/controllers/
Disallow: /protected/models
Disallow: /carts
Disallow: /account
Sitemap: http://example.sell365.com/sitemap.xml
This setting will provide you the disallow pages. And site-map is also added here to index. This will help the search engine to crawl easily.

XML Site-map : In Sell365 stores, we have a default site-map integration. Automatically each and every page added will be reflected in the site-map folder. You don’t have to worry to create a site-map for your stores. Once the page is published automatically, it will be entered into site-map file, so that your store can be easily indexed in search engines.