SEO Techniques for an eCommerce website

Website Optimization :

The website should be optimized according to user needs. It should be user friendly. One should be able to come and easily find what the website is all about , as well as the facilities provided by it. So we should take little more time to design eCommerce website. The template should be attractive and also professional. The website should have responsive designs, so that mobile and tablet users can easily access the website.

Competitor & Keyword Analysis:

This is the most important section in SEO. Analyzing competitor is not an easy task. We should spend more time to take care of this section. Keyword planner is a great tool for analyzing keywords. Nowadays long tail keywords play an important role in ROI. So, try to concentrate on long tail keywords. Keyword will be taken based on search. High, medium, and low keywords are there. We should concentrate on all the section of keywords. But our main focus should be on medium and high competition keywords.

Website Content:

Content is the king of SEO. Duplication of content should be avoided. We should write the content according to user needs and it should be easily understandable. A new visitor will automatically become a customer based on the content. So, kindly bear this in mind before stepping into this section. This gives you more ROI. More content on your site will provide you more traffic. Unique and fresh content will take customer as well as your product growth to the next level in the ladder. Based on the content, your website traffic will raise and search engine will also consider your website in ranking. Make sure to concentrate on this section.Create a blog page and add interesting articles in them and promote them using social networking sites.

URL Structure:

The URL structure should be made search engine friendly. The URL structure should go like a tree. This will help you to index your entire website. Proper step by step URL structure will make your visitor to understand it in an easy way. Broken links should be avoided at any cost. The search engine and visitors should love your URL structure. So optimize the URL accordingly.

Usage of

Using standard markup language for HTML will make the website more user friendly for Search engine. The usage of micro-data in the website will make the pages more effective and can also produce relevant result to the users’ search queries. Using frequently, will provide greater result and gain traffic for the website.

Meta Tag Optimization:

Meta tags like title, description, and keywords will provide you better results in the search engine. Title tag should be 50-60 Characters and description should be 150-155 characters. Make sure to fit your meta tags within this. Include the primary keyword as well as secondary keyword in the title and description. This will provide you an impact in the search engine results.

Image Optimization :

Each and every image in the website should be optimized. Images are more important for an eCommerce website. Visitors can easily understand our product by viewing the images. All the images should have ALT tags. Prefer keywords as the ALT tag for the images.

Back-link Generation :

To gain more back-links, submit website in various quality submission sites. Do search engine submission to make your website crawl easily by search engine.Local business submission will help your business in advertisement Many people will know about your business by doing this submission. Social bookmarking submission will help you to gain traffic for the website in initial stage. Do guest blogging and blog commenting according to your niche. Try to have active forum discussion as this gives you no-follow back-links, and you can also gain traffic for the website.

Social Networking Sites:

This section is main for an eCommerce website growth in ROI. Facebook,Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn Pinterest,You-tube, etc. will enable you to gain traffic for the website. Create your company page in all these sections and add more people. Be active in all the websites and keep your audience engaged. Promote your products through these channels. Post attractive and interesting images and articles here. Nowadays, social media plays an important role in traffic generation on a eCommerce website. So, keep on posting some articles and images about your products. Create some infographics and post them in Pinterest, this gives you some valuable traffic for the website. Daily spend more time on these websites to create an impact about your product upon the audience.

In this competitive world, it is advisable to follow these SEO Techniques for building an attractive and professional eCommerce website.

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