Content Marketing

Pertinence of contents in the E-Commerce industry is gaining impetus with the growing demand for reliable data regarding products and services.

Content marketing is termed as the creation, publishing, conveying and infusing in the word of mouth promotion to reach the customers in order to increase the conversion rate of the website or page. Researches and the trends of 2015, reveal that content marketing is the key for global success in the E-Commerce industry.

Growth of content as an invincible instrument for the E-Commerce industry, it was due to the open space, endless sharing in social media and increased communication among peers. It is wise to create a unique content for the businesses in order to be successful in the coming years. Contents can be of photographs, videos, interactive platforms, tagline and etc.

For instance, Burberry the fashion brand has invested 60% of finance in digital marketing with effective contents in the social media and other platforms. It has earned the better fame and name which it aimed at with the Burberry kisses campaign. Requirement of content in the E-Commerce business is eminent; an E-commerce firm should be an expert in providing suggestions, information shared and deployed in the page will involve in the construction of fruitful relationships with the consumers.

E-Commerce firms should provide effective contents relevant to the price, product, professional reviews, user generated reviews and etc. Given information regarding the product and the features need to be simple to understand and reliable. Success of the content can be measured with the conversion rate gained by the firm. Key strategy that firms follow to be successful is the differentiation in content and the search engine optimization.

Flipkart India

Flipkart’s content strategy with the focus to cross cultural needs of the country was big success in the recent times. Strategy behind success of the video campaign “What India wants to know” with content focussing the different cultural values and needs with simplicity and creativity gained success for the campaign. Promoting the created content with the right mix of communication tools is the key strategy to increase the conversion rate of the E-commerce firms.