PPC campaign

PPC is the best choice to gain traffic in a short time. If you go for SEO, SMM, and other form of traffic, they will not bring you immediate results.This PPC is far better than those methods. PPC is the paid version for gaining traffic from search engines. To gain a perfect result all we should know is to handle the campaign and other activities.

Keyword Research :

Keyword research is the main factor for a successful campaign. Nowadays long tail keywords bring a better result than the normal keywords. Choosing the better keywords will give the perfect result. To avoid fraud clicks, you should concentrate on targeting the relevant keyword regarding our campaign. Add negative keywords to avoid unnecessary clicks. Focus on the exact keyword which you are targeting.

Optimize Ad Copy :

Optimizing ad copy is the perfect way to gain traffic. The ad copy should be simple and attractive. If the quality score is high, our ad copy will have maximum clicks and conversion. Each and every ad copy should be different with different set of keywords. Check the performance of the ads and remove the under performing ads. Analyze the ad copy and improve the quality according to it. Try to add the best offers and other benefits in the ad copy to attract the customers. This will increase the conversion ratio of the campaign.

Landing page optimization :

Design the landing page to change the clicks to conversion. Depending on the ad copy the landing page should be designed with call-to-cation like sign up form, enquiry form, product sales etc., Landing page are most important for converting a click to conversion. Try to avoid the unwanted contents in the landing page. Optimizing the landing page will help to get more conversion.

Conversion Tracking :

Conversion tracking will show the performance of the campaign.Track the conversion through thank you page, checkout page, or some other page according to your business. This will also help to know the keyword performance. Depending upon the result, you can change the keywords and the ad copy. The budget of the campaign can also be decided by this conversion tracking.

Remarketing Implementation :

Remarketing is the method by which you can reach the person who already visited your website. You can show the ad to those particular person to make the lead as conversion. You can create re-marketing in ad campaign and also focus on the particular targeted person. This will help in showing the ad to relevant person.